Appropriation of Palestinian land….

Appropriation of Palestinian land....

This series of maps shows the slow acquisition of Palestinian land by Israel over the last century, while some of those acquisitions are sanctioned by the international community (and are therefore recognized as legal appropriations) many more are the result of expansion of illegal Israeli settlements and the attempts by the Israeli government to protect their illegal settlers and “their” property….

One thought on “Appropriation of Palestinian land….

  1. When exactly was Palestine a state? When did these Arabs become a nation separate from the rest of the Arab peoples? Yes, there were about 700,000 people displaced by the 1948 war, most of them voluntarily when they were told by the Mufti of Jerusalem they could come back after the Jews were dead and loot the Jewish homes, farms and business.

    Where is the compassion for the 800,000 Jews thrown out of their century’s old homes in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Jordan and Turkey? Israel accepted all of these peoples as brothers, fed, clothed and employed them. They were not kept in camps to be a political football. The rhetoric has not changed in 65 years. The mean nasty Jews, which number less than 8 million in Israel are picking on the poor Arabs numbering about 100 million in the neighboring states.

    Challenge, name any country in the Middle East, except Israel, that has women serving as political leaders and in military and business; that has an active and critical press, and allows free access to religious sites without regard for political beliefs.

    Israel is not an apartheid state ask any South African.

    Name a truly, consensual government anywhere outside of Israel.

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