Geography of Fictional Worlds Blog Assignment #2

Biology and Alien Lifeforms .

Please discuss as many aspects of the illustrated lifeforms as you can – include physiology, reproduction, habitat, food and predator/prey status etc. SPECULATE….in some cases you may recognize the particular alien species…if you look it up on the internet please expand on the information you find rather than just repeating it here. Due Spet. 20th by midnight, usual rules….500 words or more…and please, feel free to emulate Jamey’s last post and turn it into a creative work (story, fictional log entry, fictional encyclopedia entry etc.) if you are so inclined (although there is no penalty for not doing so).

Alien species

Political Geography Blog Assignment #2

Here is blog assignment #2 – please comment on the intentions and efficacy of the Israel/Palestine Wall. Due Sept 20th by midnight. Usual rules, 500 words, use as much outside research as you need to make an informed discussion on this, please cite everything you use and be aware that there is a LOT of bias (both sides) in much of the information on the web.

political Blog 2