Continuity isn’t just nationalist trouble-making. But it could lead to the Break up of Britain.

Iain Macwhirter

BREXIT, the story so far: In December, a spanner was thrown into the works when the Irish Government, and Northern Irish MPs, won a guarantee that there would be no hard border in Ireland. This was a blow to Tory MPs hoping for a hard or “clean” Brexit because the UK Government also had to agree that it would remain in “full regulatory alignment” with the EU Customs Union to the extent necessary to prevent any such border emerging.

Next week, an even bigger spanner may be tossed into the works. That is, if the Scottish and Welsh parliaments, following yesterday’s Holyrood debate, pass a Continuity Bill ensuring that they too remain, effectively, in regulatory alignment with the EU. It would be another break point. Indeed, it could mean the end of Brexit as a UK phenomenon, and its replacement with Engxit – a departure from the EU by…

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