CIA reveals US aid when Iraq used chemical weapons on Iran in 1988

CIA reveals US aid when Iraq used chemical weapons on Iran in 1988

Article from Foreign Policy on the CIA documents that acknowledge the aid the US gave to Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi army in 1988 so that he could use sarin and mustard gas on the opposing Iranian forces. Topical because of the current administration’s hand-wringing over Syria. If you are in my Political Geography class this semester, this is your first chance to get participation points by commenting on the article and what it means to the current debate. Be civil…

3 thoughts on “CIA reveals US aid when Iraq used chemical weapons on Iran in 1988

  1. Who is surprised that covert aid was given to Iraq? Every year CIA funnels billions of dollars, technology and intelligence, human and electronic to regimes around the world. Much of that aid is against our supposed moral and ethical interests, and when discovered politicians will wrap themselves in the flag and decry that, “this is not what America is all about, we should be better than this”.

    The simple reality is government will use any action; they will lie, cheat, steal, murder to maintain and expand their power and present to the people a plausible story explaining how, what and who, but never the truth. Government in the modern age is no better than the family Corleone and less trustworthy. The don made no excuses for his actions.

  2. I definitely agree with Steve’s argument. There is so much information the military and government keeps “confidential” from the public. This can be viewed either in a positive or negative light. It is negative because the truth is hidden, but some information needs to stay classified so it doesn’t leak into the wrong hands. It does not surprise me that the US covertly aided Iraq. It is like how the US sends billions of dollars to Pakistan for aid, yet Osama Bin Laden was right next to a Pakistani military base. I understand there is a lot more information to look at in order to see different perspectives, but I strongly believe that the government will manipulate or withhold information that will benefit them.

  3. the CIA (and the US Military) has a long list of blown calls and filthy actions…Unintentionally laying the groundwork for the Iranian revolution, Installing Manuel Noriega, arming Osama Bin Ladin, double tapping drone strikes, etc…This didn’t surprise me, but it did make me wonder that the Syrian chem weapons could’ve been possibally manufactured at Fort Detrick.

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