3 thoughts on “Shanghai – then and now

  1. The effect the two photos give the reader is impeccable. It is truly amazing to see how humans can drastically change their landscape in a relatively short time. This is an amazing example of how when individuals have a goal and positive mindset, remarkable things can be developed. It looks as if the city of Shanghai has had a complete makeover by the urban developers. It would be interesting to look at the degradation of resources that were used in order to develop this city to where it is at now. While this is a remarkable site to view in the photos, I could only imagine how remarkably scarred the earth is from this rapidly developed city.

  2. That’s a pretty crazy transformation. Considering the size of Shanghai’s population and the economic strides that China has made over the past twenty-five years, though, I guess it’s not too surprising.

  3. When I was in Asia in the 70’s Hong Kong was the growth city, Shanghai was a poor sister to Macau and Hong Kong. The revolution of limited but still free markets has created more wealth in Asia than 60 years of Communist collectivism ever could.

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