3 thoughts on “India/Pakistan border closing ceremony

  1. The purpose of this ritual is to prevent war, as long as the two nations are yelling and strutting they are not going to war over Kashmir, or some other slight. The only problem will come when one side or the other is judged have a more perfect step that can not be equaled. Beware the green eyed devil of jealousy!

  2. I think it is an extremely interesting ceremony and despite both countries hatred toward one another, they are able to come together to produce such a beautiful choreography. I definitely agree with Steve(^) but hopefully this ceremony will continue and eventually bring peace between these two countries.

  3. My favorite part is the brief handshake toward the end of the video! Each time I watched it, I found myself wondering what kind of reactions it must engender, both from the spectators and the guards themselves.. hopefully positive, rather than not 🙂

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