2 thoughts on “And…another Salon article, this one on the way we deal with the history of slavery in the South

  1. Here it is…in one little paragraph, written by someone else…exactly what I think is going on that is so, so scary: “and I think that the truth is that if you allow people who have wealth and have private property to put profitability, to put efficiency, to put productivity and economic growth, to put those above other considerations — to put them above human rights, to put them above democracy, to put those things above morality — if we let people put those things first, and we have been doing it far too often since the early 1970s, then we are going to have disastrous, unsustainable results.” To quote the grafitti on my walk to the U – Capitalism…it seemed like a good idea.

  2. Baptist’s response to the question on whether ‘the book is a story of capitalism…in which human lives become tradable commodities’ reminded me of a video I watched called ‘The Biggest Scam in the history of mankind-hidden secrets of money part 4’ with Mike Maloney. The video explains how our currency system works and how this system has created increasing inequality. Although the history of slavery isn’t discussed, one can see how the system has created a new form of enslavement through debt- with the disparity between the rich and the working class only getting greater. Everyone who is in debt is essentially a slave…
    Check out Maloney’s video at http://hiddensecretsofmoney.com/videos/episode-4

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