One thought on “A new Salon article about the midterms in the South

  1. “Republicans outside the white South are almost as sympathetic to blacks as white Southern Democrats are…” I have never been foolish enough to think that we live in a post-racial culture. However, I had convinced myself that we were much further in the journey than we are. I am reminded of how often I have heard young white men from the northeast say that they don’t want to be with a woman who has ever been with a black man…or that they wouldn’t want a daughter to date a black man. How do you argue with someone who says that? I have tried…and repeatedly I’ve ended up calling them racists. They’ve shrugged it off. If their “type” of white woman wouldn’t have sex with a black man, I wonder, what else would they admit to thinking about non-whites, particularly blacks, if society allowed them? I’m too scared to ask. (I wonder similarly about sexism.) #evolvealready

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