UN International Youth Day and the Southern states are the worst places for young people in the US


2 thoughts on “UN International Youth Day and the Southern states are the worst places for young people in the US

  1. Unfortunately I am not surprised by the UN’s findings that the USA ranks one from the bottom on the subject of childhood poverty. I do not understand why such findings don’t cause public outrage, or an outpouring of public demand for change. The fact that the gap between the rich and poor is growing, and has been for decades, is deeply disheartening. It is easy to feel that as just one person, I cannot have a substantive impact on changing the trajectory of this country. I feel selfish, guilty, angry, and fearful, as I contemplate the present circumstances for many and the future for us all. The suggestion that somehow children are HURT when social services are paid for with public funds is shocking to me. I am grateful that the professors and peers I have met on the U of A campus are passionate and still lighthearted. I look forward to studying and discussing the challenges facing our country while I am a student here.

  2. I am always amused that the south has one of the poorest and obese states in America and the world! However, some of the greatest college institutions involved in college sports reside in the South. Do not get me wrong, I love Southern football in which I was raised on. But how do we explain the salary for Alabama’s Nick Saban over $7,000,000 a year. Come on people, that is just insane.

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