Political Geography Blog post #4

As your final blog post I would like you to do a short (500-1,000 word) essay analysis of the demographics of the 2016 presidential election using the data sources below. This is due by midnight on Tuesday December 13th.










NYT Article on the hardest places to live in the US

This article has a great interactive map on quality of life…note the overall geographic pattern of low quality of life….comments welcome….



Abandoned mansion in Detroit

Detroit mansion

This is one of the many houses that have been abandoned in central Detroit as the city lost first its wealthy residents and then suffered an overall population decline as industry left the city during and after the recession of the 1970s and 1980s. Write a line or two in response to this picture as an exercise in working with the blog. If you’re feeling adventurous, reblog it on your own site and make some comments there.