Abandoned mansion in Detroit

Detroit mansion

This is one of the many houses that have been abandoned in central Detroit as the city lost first its wealthy residents and then suffered an overall population decline as industry left the city during and after the recession of the 1970s and 1980s. Write a line or two in response to this picture as an exercise in working with the blog. If you’re feeling adventurous, reblog it on your own site and make some comments there.

11 thoughts on “Abandoned mansion in Detroit

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  3. First in 1805 the Detroit was almost entirely destroyed by a fire… Now, it is its own economy that is its down fall. Detroit went from being the 4th most populated city in America by the mid 20th century to 18th (2012)! The first to leave are always the wealthy, seeing the impending doom, cutting their loses and taking off. Leaving behind some of the most amazingly designed homes in America.

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  5. This photograph is a good representation of the City of Detroit. At one time this house was elegant and beautiful, like the city of Detroit used to be. Now it is rundown and in poor condition, just like the city which just recently filed bankruptcy, the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history.

  6. The elite and then middle class families fled Northern Industry cities for the ever sprawling suburbs. The inner city increasingly became desolate and abandoned, becoming known as 9-5 cities. This caused the urban donut leaving the inner city out of the wealth and expansion that the suburbs were having.

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