What does Kezia Dugdale need to do now?

It’s interesting to see the parallels between Corbyn and Sanders, and the enthusiasm for their agendas of change…

Iain Macwhirter

The SNP’s popularity is even higher now, at 62 per cent, than after the May “tsunami”, even though the Nationalists have been treading water recently as their lacklustre and self-satisfied conference agenda shows. Labour stand to lose all their constituency seats in the Scottish parliamentary elections next May.

If this isn’t a moment for a radical break with the past, I don’t know what is. When political extinction is staring you in the face, it’s no time for business as usual. Yet Labour have conducted their usual unimaginative, safety-first campaign with the front runner, Ms Dugdale, saying as little as possible and Mr Macintosh even less.
What radical ideas have we heard from Ms Dugdale? A House of Lords in Glasgow; good luck with that. A new pay deal for teachers, letting EU nationals vote in the referendum on Europe? Curiously tangential to the central issues in Scottish politics.


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