Why Scots have turned away from Labour’s Gradgrind Union.

For the Political class…here’s some more thoughts from Iain MacWhirter as the vote gets nearer…

Iain Macwhirter


Over the last six months or so, though they would never admit it, many supporters of independence had settled into a defeatist rut, consoling themselves that they had run the best campaign but in the end could not break through the default unionism of the “mainstream media” and its promotion of Project Fear.

Well, that’s all changed. A Yes victory is now absolutely possible and we really could be living in the early days of that better nation. The only question is whether this extraordinary grass-roots campaign – the first truly “bottom up” political movement I have had the privilege to witness – really has the will to win, to press home its advantage.

What made the difference? Well, clearly Alex Salmond’s victory in the second televised debate with Alistair Darling  was a defining moment. It was not just that the First…

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